Thursday, 14 July 2011

SS Englander: The Amazing True Story of Hitler's British Nazis

The incredible story of an Englishmen imprisoned in Germany at the outbreak of World War II, then forced to join the SS Liebstandarte Adolf Hitler by his one time fencing partner Reinhardt Heydrich. Sent by Himmler to report on the German offensive at Stalingrad, he was one of the few Waffen-SS officers to serve there. Caught up in the thick of the fighting, he eventually managed to escape overland to Rostov, which was still in German hands. From there he returned to Berlin. In 1944 he was given the task of assisting in the formation of the British Free Corps, a volunteer Waffen-SS Unit consisting mainly of British POW's and deserters.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Iron Cross Amerika: The shocking story of a US citizen who joined an SS death squad

An American journalist returns to Germany, his birthplace, to be a part of the miracle that Hitler is creating. When war breaks out he joins an SS War Correspondents Unit. A futile attempt to stop the SS killing prisoners in France results in a sentence to Mauthausen Concentration Camp. His only escape from the living hell of the camp is to join a police battalion, SS Sonderbattalion Dirlewanger. He is pitched into the maelstrom of the battlefront in Russia, but quickly finds that behind the lines murder on a vast scale is being committed. The wholesale slaughter that Dirlewanger’s men inflict on the innocent civilian population of Occupied Eastern Europe is an evil that almost defies description. His fight is no longer against the enemies of the Third Reich, but a race to prevent some of the worst of the atrocities perpetrated by his own SS colleagues. A superb, fact-based novel of the war behind the lines on the Eastern Front in World War Two

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Devil's Guard Blood and Iron

After the bloody struggle for Kharkov, the SS Officer who was later to pursue a brutal and bloody career in the jungles of Vietnam has another battle to face. Kursk, the name that has come to symbolise the epic showdown between German and Russian armour, the greatest tank battle in history. The story begins before the battle when the commanders of both sides are fighting an intelligence war. Sent on a mission behind the lines into the heavily defended Kursk salient, Obersturmfuhrer Jurgen Hoffman and his platoon has to fight their way back to their own lines. When they return there is a traitor who needs to be hunted down, a traitor supplying German secrets to the enemy. The battle commences and the monstrous clash of iron and flesh threatens to tear Hoffman’s regiment, SS-Deutschland Panzer Grenadiers, into bloody ruin.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Devil's Guard: Blood and Snow

During World War II, the Waffen-SS officer who set Vietnam on fire in Devil's Guard - The Real Story, began his startling military career in the Russian slaughterhouse of the Eastern Front. It is February 1943 in the snowy wastes around Kharkov. Stalingrad has fallen and a resurgent Soviet army is pushing the German forces back. The newly commissioned officer takes up his posting with Deutschland Regiment, SS Division Das Reich, part of von Manstein's Army Group South. Attacked by Russian Sturmovik fighters on his journey, he joins his platoon to be sent behind Russian lines to capture prisoners before a major counter-offensive. He soon displays his formidable military talents in a series of brutal, hard fought battles, but his enemies do not all wear Russian uniform. Away from the front, he finds that the SD and Gestapo are as deadly at the front as they are inside the Third Reich. Forced to tread a tightrope between the Soviets and the Gestapo, his initiation into the Waffen-SS is anything but straightforward. An epic and thrilling account of the war in Russia based on actual events.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Devil's Guard Counterattack

The third book in Eric Meyer's series about the exploits of a group of former Waffen-SS officers who engage the enemy in the never-ending slaughter in Vietnam. It is 1968, the fighting escalates, the body count mounts and the fighter-bombers and gunships daily prowl the skies in the relentless hunt for their elusive enemy. Jurgen Hoffman, a former SS officer has fought through the hell of the Eastern Front in Russia, through Indochina in the ranks of the French Foreign Legion only to become embroiled in the arrival of the Americans. Now comfortably running a civilian airline with other former soldiers of the Waffen-SS, their hopes of finding peace are abruptly shattered. Tet, a word that will live in infamy sets the country on fire. It is to become the turning point of the Vietnam war as the communists launch attacks on the major cities of South Vietnam. With their airline in ruins after a mortar attack the outlook is bleaker than ever for Hoffman. When his wife is kidnapped by the Viet Cong, it is time to strike back. The former warriors of Hitler's brutal Das Reich and Totenkopf Divisions are forced to pick up their weapons again and take the fight to the Viet Cong. Once again, Ho Chi Minh's guerrillas are about to meet the Devil's Guard.

Devil's Guard Vietnam

The sequel to the acclaimed 'Devil's Guard - The Real Story', the former soldiers of the Waffen-SS find themselves embroiled in a new war. Out of the death and destruction of the French war in Indochina, a new country is born and a new war begins. Vietnam. The survivors of Hitler's war in Russia who took up arms for the French in the bloody conflict that ended with the debacle at Dien Bien Phu have laid down their arms to start afresh in the fledgling democracy. Yet there is to be no respite for the Waffen-SS veterans, for again they are called upon to support the endless battles against the dark onslaught of the communist hordes. To defend themselves from both the communists and the Americans, Jurgen Hoffman and Paul Schuster are compelled to use their brutal fighting skills and expert knowledge of the enemy to once more wage war in the steaming cauldron of the South East Asian jungle. The Devil's Guard is on the march yet again.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Devil's Guard - The Real Story

Following the myths and legends about Nazis recruited by the French Foreign Legion to fight in Indochina, Eric Meyer's new book is based on the real story of one such former Waffen-Ss man who lived to tell the tale. The Legion recruited widely from soldiers left unemployed and homeless by the defeat of Germany in 1945. They offered a new identity and passport to men who could bring their fighting abilities to the jungles and rice paddies of what was to become vietnam. These were ruthless, trained killers, brutalised by the war on the Eastern Front, their killing skills honed to a razor's edge. They found their true home in Indochina, where they fought and became a byword for brutal military efficiency.  Available on Amazon Kindle and in Paperback and Hardback